Grief — The Other Pandemic

COVID19 is not the only pandemic we are currently experiencing. There is also a pandemic of grief, and it is not only because we are grieving the deaths of those we love, but also because we are grieving all the other losses we’ve experienced as well.

How to Be a Safe Space for Someone

Have you noticed that people are brimming over with anger lately? One of the reasons for this is because we’ve bottled up too much emotion. Instead of dealing with our emotions, we’ve developed a tendency to just stuff them away. We bite our tongues, choke back tears, stifle sobs, and try to suppress every outwardContinue reading “How to Be a Safe Space for Someone”

How to Prevent Your Emotions From Ruining Your Career

There are two ways that your emotions can derail your career track. One way is to let your emotions run amuck in your work life — the other way is to try to suppress them all. Emotions are a natural part of the human existence, even when we are at work. But many a careerContinue reading “How to Prevent Your Emotions From Ruining Your Career”

Mental Fatigue & What You Can Do About It

Do you ever struggle with “brain fog?” Are you re-reading that same paragraph over and over because you’re having difficulty focusing? If you feel like you just can’t think through something, make a decision, or figure out what to do, you might be experiencing mental fatigue. Mental fatigue happens when your mind becomes tired. JustContinue reading “Mental Fatigue & What You Can Do About It”

Peel Off Your Labels

“Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Wouldn’t that be nice if that were true? Unfortunately, words can cut deep and sometimes they don’t heal quickly. You can probably still remember something hurtful that someone said to you or about you many years ago. You are probably also painfullyContinue reading “Peel Off Your Labels”

Tips for Managing Stress

This article is written to provide you with tips for managing your stress in healthy ways. Lots of other articles begin by defining stress, but I think it’s a safe bet to assume that you already know what stress is — otherwise, why would you be reading this article? Instead, let’s start by taking aContinue reading “Tips for Managing Stress”

Make Time for Your Wellness

We do a much better job talking about self-care than actually doing it. If asked, we would say that we understand that taking care of ourselves is important. But unfortunately, this isn’t something we always prioritize in the way we actually live out our daily lives. Our chaotic schedules keep us so busy that sometimesContinue reading “Make Time for Your Wellness”

Are You a Person Who Can Accept “No?”

We talk a lot about learning to say “no” and being able to set healthy boundaries for ourselves. But are you able to accept “no” from others? It’s true that learning to say “no” is an important part of guarding your mental health so that you don’t become overwhelmed. Saying “yes” to too many commitmentsContinue reading “Are You a Person Who Can Accept “No?””

Prioritizing Peace in Your Life

On a scale of 1 to 10, how high is your stress level lately? If your answer is 6 or over, you may be struggling with worry, anxiety, burnout, or exhaustion, all of which commonly occur when our stress levels remain high for a significant period of time. You may find that sleep is aContinue reading “Prioritizing Peace in Your Life”

Stop thinking about what you hate…

How much time are you spending thinking about the people or things that upset you? Are you obsessively worrying about the things in your life that are problematic? If so, then you are letting the wrong things control your mind, your time, and your life. You need a break from the toxic people who stressContinue reading “Stop thinking about what you hate…”

Your Self-Image Colors Your Perception

Do you tend to assume that people don’t like you? Do you always jump to the conclusion that others are angry with you, even if there is no real reason? Do you worry that they are disappointed in you? Or secretly annoyed by you? If you tend to constantly worry about what others think ofContinue reading “Your Self-Image Colors Your Perception”

How To Approach Difficult Conversations

Sometimes the most important discussions are also the most difficult. Below are some helpful steps for approaching those conversations. Step 1: Pick your battles. You will constantly live in drama instead of peace if you make an issue of everything that bothers you. There are times that it’s best to just let things go. ButContinue reading “How To Approach Difficult Conversations”

Avoiding Stress Instead of Just Managing It

We talk a lot about managing stress or trying to reduce it. But what if we could just simply avoid some of it to begin with? Below are some suggestions to help you do just that. Suggestion #1: Start saying “no” sometimes. Part of our stress originates in our overwhelming expectations of ourselves. We createContinue reading “Avoiding Stress Instead of Just Managing It”

Five Tips for Better Moods

Are you struggling to stay positive? Do you find yourself battling with your moods and wishing that you could have more control over how you feel? Here are five tips to help you maintain a more pleasant state of mind. Don’t overthink everything. While it’s great to think through things, it’s easy to cross theContinue reading “Five Tips for Better Moods”

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