Stop thinking about what you hate…

How much time are you spending thinking about the people or things that upset you? Are you obsessively worrying about the things in your life that are problematic? If so, then you are letting the wrong things control your mind, your time, and your life. You need a break from the toxic people who stress you out! But if you keep thinking about them even when you’re away from them, that isn’t really a break. Don’t get caught up in the temptation to dwell on things that upset you. Instead, spend more time thinking about people and things that you love. Decide right now to consciously choose to give more of your thoughts to who and what you love. And positive feelings will follow. 🙂

Published by Julie Bailey, LCPC

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois. I hold a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I'm an author and a clinical manager and my life goal is to help you live your best life possible. I get excited about the daffodils in the spring and the colorful leaves in the fall (I mean like ridiculously excited). I enjoy genealogy, old cemeteries, loud music, and trivia, and I refuse to ever outgrow Harry Potter. I am an empath, which means that I literally feel the pain of others, and from time to time, this requires a visit to a quiet beach so that the wind and waves can soothe my soul.

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